Brad P Workshop Review


2015-02-18 I like this place. I'm here with my white, who was out of town for the weekend/Valentine long to visit. The idea of going for dinner from the Saint-Valentin is usually super uncomfortable due to the amount and, therefore, the poor and hastily-support services, but it was the fish of desire, and we wanted something special with our time together. I asked him to read the previous comments, in the sushi bar seats, though he prefers usually, just a table of small and intimate. The client, said sitting at the sushi bar allows the practice, directly with the owner/sushi chef, the restaurant was to interact. We got there and it is not surprising that after taking the career and the things most are as expected. We had to wait 40 minutes after our reservation time, until they become our places available. (I would like to stress that in this period had reserved tables were seated front and had problems). We sat and my friend somehow is grumpy, because he believed that all other delicious foods. We ordered a bottle of sake and then decide the Omakase. In general, the pride and love, but Valentine, who like only a special Omakase. It was amazing and delicious and very complete. We started with a kind of mini foie gras macaroon and a touch of cream of salmon (OMG!), moved to different cuts of sashimi, an interesting interpretation of a fresh shrimp ceviche soft, even then I ran (OK, maybe simple small contractions), sushi, rolls and then finished with a chocolate cake with black sesame of ice on top of lava. The best part of the meal for me was when the waitress came to our table immediately. My SO ordered a dish of rice with sashimi. (I need because I was drunk). I had some rice left and has worked diligently in conclusion, so won't notice Ken finished the counter spy and I saw that he had left a bit of rice with soy sauce. So I was very confused as Ken added his bowl and then some truffles conflagration entered, a little spicy, the sashimi (I think hamachi and was perhaps also something else) seized. It was super sweet brad p workshop review to the gesture both by Ken, my class and the pleasure of strange way. And he added that in any case in my experience. The pleasure of a dinner somewhere Essen, when the leader is someone who is obviously in love with his work and interaction with clients, added. Everyone in the bar were buy chef sushi Ken and another round of beer, sake and wine easy and certainly intimate feel. Courts of first instance (priced the cost of high quality sushi!), just that it is a special place and access anywhere, lunch every day instead of dear. at least not for me. But it is a special opportunity to try at least once,. .